New Potato Products for Apple apps & iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android mobile devices
New Potato Products for Free Apple apps & iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android mobile devices
New Potato Technologies

Our Product Philosophy and Our Mission

1. Functional design, leading technology

The best products are ones that best suit customer needs.  We’re driven to design and deliver outstanding products and innovation with the best technology, service and care we can imagine.  That’s what we do, that’s our promise, we promise.

2. Well done is better than well said

It’s about the quality.  Start with a quality idea, a product idea that will genuinely serve a consumer need.  Then add good science, sound engineering and quality materials and we’re well on our way to introducing a product that’ll make us proud, you too.

3. Make the complex simple

Surprising performance, simple to use.  That’s what we sell.  Making the complex simple, that’s what we do.  We are driven to design and build simple little products that do big things, unexpected things, things that surprise, things that delight.   

4. Value for the money

High performance, low cost.  Early on we learned we will be judged purely on how well our products perform. High performance yields happy customers.  Deliver exceptional performance at unexpectedly low prices, and happy customers become dazzled customers.  We love to dazzle.