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Pinball Magic FAQs

What is Pinball Magic?

Pinball Magic is an accessory gaming device from New Potato.  Download the FREE application from the iTunes App Store and you are ready to play the Pinball Machine game.  The accessory is a working pinball machine with flippers, a plunger and player select switch hat is powered by your iPhone or iPod touch.

Will the Pinball Machine drain the battery of my iPhone or iPod touch?

While the dock is powered via the 30 pin connector of your device, it uses ultra-low power circuitry which consumes little power from your battery.  The LEDs in the back glass will use a little power when you are playing, but in comparison to the display of your iPhone or iPod touch, it is not a concern and you should not notice any extra battery drain

Can I listen to my music while playing Pinball Magic?

Definitely, all you have to do is turn your music on, go to the settings button located on the bottom of the home screen, and turn the background sound effects down or off. If the background sound effects aren't bugging you, it can be left on and your music will automatically play over the background sound effects. Your music can be listened to using the iPhone speakers or your headphones.

Will Pinball Magic work with my bumper case?

Some slim line cases may work just fine with the unit, but some cases will have to come off before you use the Pinball Magic dock.

I connected to the dock and it tells me this device is not made to work with iPhone, what is wrong?

Chances are you do not have a solid connection to the dock.  Remove your iPhone and reconnect it to the dock.  You can check the connection status in the application by viewing the SETTINGS screen and looking for a GREEN status bar indicating your are properly connected.  if the status bar is RED, try reconnecting the device to the dock.  When in doubt, try removing your case or other protector and see if the dock will work properly.

How do I get the Pinball Magic application?

You can download Pinball Magic from the iTunes App Store either through iTunes or right from your iPhone or iPod using the integrated App Store utility.  You can run the application without the dock and see how it works, but to really play the pinball machine you will need to have the hardware for the complete experience.

I just can’t get the dock to work with my iPhone or iPod, what can I do?

On certain situations, the iPhone or iPod can refuse to work with external accessories.  This state rarely occurs in normal use, but if the 30 pin connector can get confused on an iPhone or iPod touch and refused to connect to any accessory.  If this occurs, this state can easily be cleared and operations returned to normal by simply resetting your iPhone or iPod.

Do I need an adapter to use the dock with my iPod touch 4G?

Pinball Magic is compatible with each model of iPod touch.  Certain early production units of the 4G iPod touch dock had a plastic issue (that was been corrected by Apple) that made them a tight fit on many accessories.  We verify fit and function with all compatible models of iPhone and iPod and have not experienced a problem with the 4G iPod touch.