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TuneLink Auto™ for Android

The universal wireless Bluetooth to FM and direct connect in-car audio solution for Android based mobile phones and devices.

PLUG IT, PAIR IT, PLAY IT, SHARE IT - Your music, wherever you are!

Tunelink is the most advanced in-car audio interface that provides a wireless Bluetooth audio link between your Android based Smart Phone and your vehicle’s sound system. TuneLink is universal, operating over FM or direct connect to your auxiliary (AUX) input.

Incorporating a best-of-class Bluetooth transceiver, FM transmitter and advanced fast-charge isolated USB charging port, TuneLink brings real innovation to a digital audio accessory market that is crowded with clunky docks, cabled solutions and poor-performing dongle-based FM transmitters.

The TuneLink hardware device is controlled by a free Android application downloaded into your phone. Once you have downloaded the free App, using TuneLink is as easy as PLUG IT, PAIR IT, PLAY IT, SHARE IT! ™

The team at New Potato has built a tailored version of its TuneLink Auto specifically for the Android platform.  Soon, Android based users everywhere can feed their craving for the leading-edge accessories that were once just available for Apple based mobility products.

  • Download the free TuneLink Android app from the Android Market or from our Website
  • PLUG IT:  Plug TuneLink into your car’s 12V power supply
  • PAIR IT:  Enable Bluetooth and pair once to your “TuneLink” unit
  • PLAY IT:  Use the FM transmitter or Direct Connect option to play your music through your car speakers
  • SHARE IT:  Set the share mode you want active through the TuneLink application


  • HI-FI Stereo Bluetooth link: State of the art Bluetooth technology keeps the music playing, without any physical connection.
  • Direct Connect: Connect TuneLink directly to your car stereo via the 3.5 mm stereo line out using the included audio cable.
  • FM Transmitter: TuneLink includes a Best-of-Class FM transmitter with RDS that provides unmatched performance compared to legacy FM transmitter solutions.
  • Fast USB charger: Charge your Android or USB based device included charge/sync cable.
  • Humbuster:  New Potato’s innovative and exclusive ground loop noise elimination technology kills the noise and interference experienced with other charge and direct connect solutions.


  • Limit Distracted Driving: The TuneLink device and its app have been specially designed to to avoid the distractions that legacy solutions create while listening to your music on the road.
  • Superb Audio Quality:  performance that will dazzle and delight even the most discriminating audiophile.


  • Accessory control: Configure and control your TuneLink through our slick and easy to use free TuneLink application
  • Automatic Reconnect:  Climb in, start your car, Tunelink finds your devices, reconnects, and starts your music playing automatically.
  • TuneLink Share Modes:  keep your TuneLink private or allow it to be shared in one of three modes including TUNELINK SHARE where tunes are successively played from each paired player.
  • FM Transmitter Control:  Set the frequency of the FM transmitter using a large format dial control.
  • SpeedTune:  Let TuneLink use your GPS location to suggest the best open FM channels to use with just two taps.
  • Station favorites:  Setting favorites FM channels is a snap with just one tap.  Recalling your preset stations is quick and easy.
  • Launch your favorite Media Player:  Link to your favorite media player app from within the app.
  • Name Your TuneLink: Create a custom name for your TuneLink device so your friends can find it easily when pairing.


  • Android based Mobile Phone or tablet:
    • Android 2.1 platform or higher
    • Android 2.2 or higher for advanced TuneLink features such as auto-reconnect, auto-play, and advanced share mode
    • Not compatible with Moto X
  • Vehicle with 12V accessory outlet, car audio system with auxiliary line input or FM receiver.
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Download the FREE TuneLnk App from the Android App Market:  Launch the App Market on your Phone and enter TUNELINK to locate the app and install it on your phone. 

       OR TAP HERE!

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