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Classic Match Foosball QUICK START GUIDE:

Download the Classic Match Foosball user guide HERE....  


Classic Match Foosball Setup Instructions:

When you first receive your Classic Match Foosball unit, a few short steps are needed to assemble it. It should take about three minutes complete and no tools are required.


STEP 1:  Install the table legs

Your table is supported by four legs with rubber feet on the bottom.  Simply insert each leg into the table as shown and press firmly until the retaining clip clicks into place.

For transport or storage, the legs can be removed by gently pulling back the retaining clip and wiggling the legs back out of the bottom of the table.


STEP 2: Install the control rod cartridges

Your foosball table comes with eight control rod cartridges.  One of these cartridges must be installed into every hole that is provided on the side of the unit.

With the table sitting on a flat surface, simply insert the each cartridge with the retaining catch oriented to the bottom.  Gently and carefully slide the cartridge into the table pushing on the plastic cartridge (and not the control rod handle) until the assembly clicks into place.



TIPS: On control rod installation

As shown in this picture, orient the retaining catch on the bottom before you insert the cartridge into the table.

Be sure to pull the rod part way out of the cartridge before you insert the cartridge into the table. When inserting the cartridge, push on the plastic housing and not on the rod handle to ensure a smooth installation.

This technique will make sure that just the cartridge shell is used to guide the cartridge into the table.


STEP 3:  Connect Your iPad and Go!

The first time you connect your iPad, you will be prompted to download the FREE app from the online store.

Once installed and running follow the optons and process in the app to get to your first game.

TIP:  Once connected to the game, you can sync up the rods with the app by simply pushing the rod all the way in and all the way out and you are ready for LIVE FOOSBALL ACTION!


Disassembly for transport or storage:

Removal of the control rods is simple and is the opposite of assembly.  Use a small screw driver or other suitable object to press gently down on the retaining catch and carefully slide out the control rod cartridges.

Control rod cartridges can be used in any of the eight locations, they are all the same and so their order and placement is not important.

Pull back gently on the table leg clips and carefully wiggle them out of the table base.

Pack it up and hit the road.



FCC Statement for Classic Match Foosball Unit

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference and this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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