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Tunelink Frequently Asked Questions FAQ'S

What is Classic Match Foosball for iPad?

Classic Match Foosball for iPad is a new accessory gaming device from New Potato. Download the FREE application from the iTunes App Store, and you are ready to play the Classic Match Foosball game. The accessory is a working foosball gametable that pairs working 2 axis control bars with tactile elastomer handles while transforming your iPad into a foosball table.

Will Foosball for iPad dock drain my iPad’s battery?

The dock is powered via the 30 pin connector of your device, but uses ultra-low power circuitry which takes minimal power from your battery. The table takes so little battery power compared to the demands of running your iPad, you will not notice. Additionally, the table functions as both a charging and sync doc, so you may connect your iPad to power, while you are playing.

Can I use the dock without external power?

Yes, the game table uses minimal battery power, and is not noticeable compared to the demands of running your iPad.

Can I listen to my music while playing Classic Match Foosball for iPad?

Definitely, to accomplish this simply turn on your music, then go to the settings button located on the bottom of the home screen and turn the background sound effects down or off. You can choose to leave the sound effects on if the background sound effects are desired or do not bother you.

Is it compatible with my bumper case?

Ultimately, this will depend on your case. Some slim cases may work, but others may need to be removed before you place your iPad into the foosball accessory gamming device.

How do I get the free Foosball for iPad application?

Download Classic Match Foosball TM for iPad from the iTunes App Store. The application can be run without the dock, so you may see how it works, but you will need the foosball table accessory for the complete experience.

I can’t get it to work with my iPad, what can I do?

A simple reboot of your iPad may resolve many difficulties connecting the accessory to your iPad. If you experience further difficulties <contact us here>.