New Potato Products for Apple apps & iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android mobile devices
New Potato Products for Free Apple apps & iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android mobile devices
About New Potato Technologies

About New Potato

New Potato Technologies was founded in 1986 in Danbury, Connecticut as a creative design firm specializing in electronic, entertainment, communications, consumer, and commercial product development.

Today, New Potato is currently located in the sunny city of Wilmington on the Cape Fear Coast in south eastern North Carolina.

The team at New Potato has developed a wide range of innovative products credited for driving various markets where invention, function, and performance have led the competition.  Our experienced and talented team of designers apply their skills to quickly design, build, and launch new products and product concepts that excite the consumer marketplace while offering quality and value.

New Potato is currently focused on extending the amazing iPhone, iPod, and iPad platforms into new innovative areas.

Since its inception, the team at New Potato has been involved in over 100 product development programs bringing expertise in a spectrum of disciplines to a wide variety of industries and applications. With an emphasis on Creative Design, the company performs more than raw design and engineering, and has contributed to the emergence and evolution of new product categories in the market place.

The company has delivered solutions and technologies for a wide range of applications including mobile device accessories, electronic toys, video games, videoconferencing, interactive television, computer graphics, presentation systems, industrial automation and control, and a full suite of software solutions for PC and embedded systems.

The team at New Potato offers a comprehensive range of products and services that utilize our extensive product and market expertise to realize design objectives with a commitment to excellence.  Our goal is not only to exceed customer expectations, but to create new experiences that go a step beyond.